Aadhaar Enrolment & Update Charges:

Aadhaar Enrolment: Free
Aadhaar Update Charges:

(1) Biometric update: Update of enrolled
biometrics (fingerprint, iris and photo)
(i) If done once between the age of 5 to 7
years: Free
(ii) If done once between the age of 15 to 17
years: Free
(iii) If done otherwise: ₹ 100
(2) Demographic update: Update of
enrolled name, gender, date of birth,
address, mobile number or email address,
or any combination of the same
(i) If done at the same time as biometric
update: Free
(ii) If done separately: ₹ 50
(3) Document update: Submission of
documents as proofs of identity and
address, in support of the name, gender,
date of birth and address as enrolled
(i) Using myAadhaar portal
(https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/du): Free
(till 14.3.2024)
(ii) At Aadhaar centre: ₹ 50

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