UIDAI ECMP Software Info-

Important Information For ECMP Software

UIDAI is NO longer supporting Windows-7 Operating System as per IT-Policy, MeitY Guildelines & Information Security Policy strictly.
Please find below steps for Windows-10 upgradation:
 1) Need To Login Aadhar Enrollment Application & take “View Enrollments Details Report” Screenshot 

2) Open Service and STOP :      

a) OTA      

c) Aadhar Multiplatform Devices &      

d) Aadhaar QSSITV Service 

3) Go to C Drive and take Backup of the DATA folder from path C:/UID Authority of India/Aadhaar Enrolment Client/data either in any other system or hard disk (external device/Pen drive) 

4) Change OS from Windows-7 To Windows-10. Then go to windows settings, update all windows pending updates 

5) Once Windows-10 is updated, you need to install Latest Version ECMP Client: AadhaarEnrolmentClient-full-win- 

6) After Installation we need to do Registration with same Registrar (REG), Enrolment Agency (EA), Station-ID. 

7) We need to go services and stop OTA, Aadhaar Enrollment service client, Aadhar Multiplatform Devices, Aadhaar QSSITV Service 

8) Once Stop please place the data (Backup data folder for unuploaded packet’s) folder in following path :       C:/UID Authority of India/Aadhaar Enrolment Client/data. 

9) After that Go to Services and Start OTA, Aadhaar Enrollment service client, Aadhar Multiplatform Devices, Aadhaar QSSITV Service 

10) Open ECA & remove-onboarding for Operator & do re-onboarding for same operator

11) After that need to Login and connect GPS, do Operator-Sync, Operator-Disclosure and check the packets are uploaded successfully. Depending on the network speed & number of “Un-Uploaded” packets in the system, it might take some time.
Note:-Please contact local IT-Support team to do this activity if required. If they are not installing Windows-10 & doing local update from Windows-7 to Windows-10, then also please take the backup of “data folder” to be on the safer side. After Window-10 is installed, place copy data folder to upload the packets.

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